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Do you provide refunds if an event needs to be cancelled?

Moe Got It provides NO REFUNDS unless we cancel your event. The canceling by Moe Got It will constitute a full refund of all monies paid by client(s). Refunds will be paid no later than 5 days after cancellation. Refunding all monies paid by client(s) to client(s) will be the extent of and concludes Moe Got It liability to client(s).

If you have to reschedule your event for whatever reason and we have monies on file for you, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY AGAIN. We will transfer those monies we have on file to the new date, providing WE ARE AVAILABLE. You may use that credit anyway you like for up to 2 years. 

How much do you charge for DJ Services?

Total Charge: $400.00 up to 4 hours of playing time. Setup and breakdown are free of charge. However, securing your date by paying in full instantly saves you $50. If you wish NOT to pay in full, but to secure the date, you can do that by paying $200 down, but understanding you are eliminating the $50 discount. The final payment of $200 would be due any day, but no later than 7 days before the event. If you need setup in 2 different areas (duel setup), that will be an additional $100. If you're ready to book DJ Services, click here!

Do you travel for DJ Services?

Yes... we travel for DJ Services. If you are outside the Charlotte or surrounding areas, we charge $1 per mile to get to the address you've provided. This is in addition to the DJ services price. For instance, if your party is 102 miles away, you'll need to pay $400 for DJ Services and $102 for the travel fee.  If you're ready to book Services, click here!


Do you have your own DJ equipment?

Yes.. We have our own DJ equipment. Typically we bring 2 Powered Highs and 2 Powered Subs to rock the party. We also bring 2 cordless microphones in case you wish to make announcements, etc.  If you're ready to book Services, click here!


Can I request the DJ I want?

Yes... We have 4 DJs that are capable of rocking the house for you. However, if you want to request the DJ you like personally, you are more than welcome. However, that is subject to their availability.  If you're ready to book Services, click here!


Do you have DJ insurance?

Yes. We have DJ insurance covering up to 1 million dollars.  If you're ready to book Services, click here!


Do you provide lighting for events?


Yes, we provide uplighting for your event.  There is a $150 additional charge.  If you're ready to book Services, click here!


Do you sell computers?

Yes... we sell computers. Quite often, we get new or refurbished desktop or laptop computers for sell.


How do I get my computer to you?

For your convenience, if you're located in Charlotte or surrounding areas, we will come to you for pick up and delivery. Or, you can bring your computer to 400 Camp Rd. Charlotte NC 28206 after scheduling an appointment.


How much do you charge to fix computers?

If your computer is slow or has viruses and/or spyware, we charge no more than $70 to fix that problem. Now, if you have a hardware issue, we charge based on the make and model of your computer. If you need to report a computer issue, please click here to describe your issue and one of our technicians will get back to you within the hour. Do you want to know more about our computer services? click here.

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