Lenovo ThinkPad T460s 14-inch Core i5-6600 8GB - SSD 256 GB

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We remove Viruses and Spyware from your desktop or laptop computers. This process protects your device from possible data loss and corruption. If you want to send us a message to schedule clean up of your desktop or laptop,

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We install or upgrade your computer to Windows 10 or 11. We ensure your applications and files run smoothly. With that installation, you get Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher). Click here to send us a message if you need your system upgraded.


On sluggish computers, we run scans that detect and delete files that are causing your computer to run slow. This process improves the speed of your computer. If you need us to take a look at how your computer is performing, click here to send us a message and we'll handle it from there.

Remote Desktop Support allow our team to connect to your system virtually from whever you are as long as you have access to the internet. If you need us to to remotely log in to your system and fix it right away, click here and fill out the contact us form and let's make it happen.


If you need to send us large files that are too big for text or email, not a problem. You can simply click  here or on the image and fill out the form attaching the files you wish to send. You may send multiple files at the same time if you like. Let us know if you have any questions.